Magnetic HeavyDuty Encoders

For applications with large hollow shaft

  • High dynamics and precision
  • Max. 800 mm hollow shaft
  • TTL or HTL and sine output signals
  • Integrated interpolation electronics

In the field of drive engineering, measured value acquisition poses an ever-growing challenge when it comes to dynamics and precision. These two generally conflicting terms are difficult to unite when using conventional encoders. If, in addition, sensors need to be robust enough to withstand rough industrial environments, innovative solutions are required.

For this kind of applications Baumer provides particular encoder configurations applying a magnetic sensing method combined with complex interpolation and evaluation electronics. These enable position, speed and other variables (like acceleration) to be measured synchronously and deliver both high-dynamic and high-resolution readings. The encoder rotor is available with a maximum diameter of 800 mm and can be screw-mounted straight onto the drive shaft using a clamping flange or clamping fixture. Encoder rotor and dedicated sensing head are of short axial length and can be installed easily in existing fittings.

Thanks to the interpolation electronics, measured value acquisition can be customized across a wide range in line with individual needs and requirements. Particularly with very large hollow shafts, the magnetic sensing method has distinct advantages over optical sensing: It allows a larger distance between encoder rotor and sensing head and, thus, greater radial mounting tolerances. Another advantage is that it can accommodate axial tolerances in drive shafts resulting, say, from thermal expansion. Because the encoders do not need integral bearings and the sensing head electronics are completely encapsulated they also afford high IP protection, are exceptionally robust and have the added benefit of wear-free operation.

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