Multicon AccuDrive

Now spindle positioning is as easy as snapping your fingers

  • Minimized machine editing time
  • Quick and reliable format realignments
  • Elimination of editing errors
  • Minor reject rate after format realignments

Production, packaging or processing machinery provide adjustable shafts to be realigned to the format, end stops or guidings of the respective product in process. Manual positioning operations are still common practice, since fully automated solutions by networked drives are only cost-efficient with frequent format realignments. For small to medium-sized companies the reasonable stage of automation in shaft positioning is limited to mechanical process displays that indicate the editing operator the current position value. The targets are available black on white as editing list for manual positioning operations by hand wheels.
This procedure of course is very susceptible to errors the more shafts are to be realigned and the more profiles are to be administered.

Quickly a line is skipped or a shaft number is mixed up. An incorrect shaft position however always results in rejects until the error is traced and corresponding corrective actions are taken.

This is a waste of time and money. Remedy is a shaft positioning system, but in the first place it should enable an individually selectable stage of automation under consideration of the respective application. Finally, talking about shaft positioning an automated process is purely defined by efficiency. Technical overhead is surely not what you need.

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