New Actuators - Compact And Dependable

Safe and reliable format alignment

  • Smallest positioning drive in its class
  • CANopen interface
  • Absolute position detection
  • Safe thanks diagnostic functions
  • Integrated dynamic overload protection

To saturate the requirements of short delivery times and small lot sizes, frequent format alignments are more and more common events in the manufacturing process: There are shafts and stop positions to be adjusted and sensors to be repositioned. This evolution demands production machines with automated format alignments. The new actuator MSBA masters the task with only minimum space requirements. With only 42 mm in diameter it is the smallest sensor of its class and accommodates geared motor, position sensing unit, regulator and CANopen interface. The new target position is reached quickly and reliably. Dynamic overload protection by overspeed limiting (I2t-regulation) provides efficient remedy against overload.

Thanks to absolute multiturn sensing both reference switch and reference cycle are superfluous. It will retain the position even when being moved during power-off. The digital hardware inputs allow programming at will, for example manual start of positioning run in service operation. Additional functions as current limiting and the intelligent blocking management enhance system safety and performance.

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