Encoders For Railway Vehicles

Enhanced robustness and functionality

  • Multi-channel pulse encoder
  • Up to 12 channels
  • Free pulse numbers 1...512
  • Highly robust magnetic detection principle
  • Resistant against vibration, shock, oil, etc

With its BMIV line, Baumer presents encoders designed for the harsh operation on railway vehicles. Up to 12 channel outputs in four galvanically isolated blocks allow simultaneous wheel-set speed information to multiple systems, also with differing pulse rates. These include systems for slide control, speed and slip regulation as well as those to suppress torsion vibration. Function control signals ensure maximum safety.

All Baumer encoders for railway vehicles operate on the proven MAGRES principle. This magnetic sensing method offers unrivalled reliability. Contrary to other sensing methods it is totally resistant to all loads encountered during railway operations: Shocks, vibrations, dirt, grease, lubrication, spray water, condensation, frequent temperature changes or even extreme temperatures and strong magnetic fields. Aside from compliance with all railway standards, BMIV also offers SIL 2 certification to meet the demands of the European Train Control System ETCS. Baumer has decades of experience in sensors intended for use with railway vehicles. Thanks to close cooperation with our customers coupled with continuous innovations, we are able to offer individually customized solutions using the latest technology and offering the highest level of customer benefit.

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