Programmable Incremental Encoders

Programmable encoder

  • Resolution max. 320 000 pulse/revolution
  • Hollow shaft ø10...ø14 mm
  • Output signal level TTL or HTL,

As elsewhere, neither in the incremental encoder field there is an all-in one allround device that is suitable for every purpose. In practice, especially complex systems call for diversified configurations which influence production costs and competitiveness in a negative manner. Programmable encoders featuring versatile parameterization and varied connection options provide the solution.

To keep the product variety in the individual application field at a minimum, Baumer as a technology leader offers even four programmable incremental encoders that utilize optical or magnetic sensing and are available in several shaft designs. All of them have one thing in common: Convenient programming either manual or by DIP switch, what is an easy thing to do even in the most remote corner of the world. Another option is comfortable parameterization using a PC. The new programmable encoder ITD 2P even does not need a programming cable but can be configured via the supply cable.

Programming by software is quick and can be performed without being an IT expert. After the automatic reading process of type number and current parameterization the device data are adopted by the programming software. Then the parameters of direction of rotation and pulse number are entered. Depending on the encoder model, up to 2.048, 5.000 or even 320.000 ppr are feasible. Some encoders allow additional parameterization of zero pulse position and duration as well as of the output signal level to match individual application requirements to the fullest. The encoder design is very compact. Diameters from 40 to 58 mm ensure optimum installation even in confined space.

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