Ultra-precise And Dependable

Analog absolute encoders in single- or multiturn configurations

  • 14 bit singleturn, 16 bit multiturn
  • Integrated self diagnosis
  • Simple signal processing

Digitalization plays a central role in modern automation technology. Nevertheless, in many applications there is still no better instrument than the analog encoder, either in aspects of costefficiency or because it is easier in commisioning. Angle feedback in position control loops of presses, tilting and hoisting technology applied at machine tools, handling robots and cut-to-length operations are some typical application examples. Absolute single or multiturn encoders for precise position output in form of analog signals consitute a handson solution, all the more so since the non-contact optical sensing technique they operate on is extremely dependable and wear-free.
The new analog absolute encoders by Baumer utilize a high 14-bit resolution in their singleturn configurations. The multiturn variants which precisely acquire the position across several turns provide a resolution of 16 bits. The measured values are updated within less than 130 μsec and output as analog current signals (4...20mA or 0...20mA) respectively as voltage signals (0...10V or -10...+10V). In this way they enable most accurate gradations across the entire sensing range.

Control inputs serve for reset operations and for selecting the direction of rotation. The singleturn encoders allow for optional default parameterization of several rotation angles through the entire 360° range. The encoder’s functionality is consistently monitored by integrated self-diagnostics thanks to which possible excessive temperature or any cable break will be recognized early on. Depending on the configuration, the analog encoders provide IP65 protection and operate at ambient temperatures ranging from -20°C to +100°C. They are capable of operating speeds up to 8000 rpm with a starting torque of less than 0.01 Nm. Current and voltage output are short-circuit proof. The encoders are absolutely dependable even in harsh environments. In their standard configuration they come in a robust aluminimum housing with stainless steel shaft, but full stainless steel designs are also available as an option.

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