For Each Mechanical Design And Sensing Principle

Encoders with modular Ethernet interfaces

  • Flexibility thanks to modular bus covers concept
  • For solid and hollow shaft encoders
  • Optical sensing method for ultra high precision
  • Robust magnetic sensing for demanding applications

Thanks to high-grade performance merged with ease-of-use, Ethernet provides the ideal basis for effective data communication in industrial automation. As a consequence, industry-standard Ethernet interfaces are becoming increasingly important in the encoder field.
Baumer’s nearly 20 years of fieldbus encoder expertise provides the user in drive and industry automation with an all-encompassing encoder portfolio supporting all industry-standard Ethernet interfaces: EtherCAT, Profinet and Ethernet POWERLINK as well as EthernetIP. Ethernet-capable absolute singleturn and multiturn encoders are available as solid or hollow shaft designs in every conventional configuration. Depending on the application, the customer can select between magnetic or optical sensing. Magnetic sensing is the method to choose for encoder environments with dust, dirt, moisture, shock and vibration. When it comes to demanding high-precision requirements, optical encoders play to their strengths. Absolute encoders can handle speeds up to 10,000 rpm and are available with several resolution options: Maximum 14 bits singleturn and up to 29 bits (gearless) multiturn

Multiturn encoders where the bus cover-integrated interface electronics comes as a separate component provide the ultimate degree of flexibility in versatile applications. The basic encoders can be combined with several interfaces to reduce inventory and product variety and to enhance flexibility. The trend towards variety in Ethernet technology remains unbroken: Presently Baumer is elaborating on the integration of safety technologies such us CANopen Safety and Profinet Safety. Absolute encoders with industry-specific protocols such as CANopen Lift have proven themselves for many years in the lift and elevator industry.

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