Fast EtherCAT / Fast Power Over EtherCAT (PoE)

Fast, compact, multivalent

  • Make 1 out of 2 - positioning and motor feedback in a single device
  • Also available with Power over EtherCAT
  • Fast EtherCAT - cycle time of merely 62.5 µs and very low clock phase jitter
  • Compact design
  • Supporting the CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol

With their new absolute encoder series featuring an extremely short cycle time of 62.5 µs Baumer is on the edge of technology and sets again new standards in realtime communication between drives and control systems.

The fast EtherCAT encoders...
do the work of two standard encoders, what means considerable cost reduction
fit even confined installation conditions (outer diameters 80 mm and 58 mm)
reduce cabling efforts thanks to optional Power over EtherCAT (poE) interface.

EtherCAT is conquering all levels of industry automation, from process control level down to field and sensor level. Power over EtherCAT requires only a single cable for data exchange and power supply. The expensive and troublesome multiple cabling needed up to now is no longer necessary, and the cost advantage is associated with another side effect: A single cable makes supplementary main units superfluous.

Power over EtherCAT is particularly suitable for places difficult to access or where a tangle of cables would hamper. Central uninterruptible power supply is improving the failsafe performance of the connected devices.

By the new encoder series Baumer presets several absolute encoders favorizing the functionalities of Power over EtherCAT in an extremely compact design. Besides of positioning tasks the encoders are also capable of motor feedback in subordinate control loops by virtue of their extremly short cycle time of merely 62.5 µs.

Errors resulting from delays in motor feedback transmission now finally belong to the past!

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